Warehousing & Stock Keeping Officer (Logistic & Transport)

Lot 2683 & 2684, Jalan Ayer Puteh, Kamunting, Taiping

Looking for vibrant personalities ready for challenges in solving day-to-day warehousing & stock-keeping matters in logistic and transportation warehouse. Required minimum Microsoft Excel knowledge. Required ability to communicate by English in written (emails / texting) and by Malay in verbal (phone). Minimum 2 years experience in related fields.

Daily routines included and not limited to: Receiving and recording inbound goods unloaded into warehouse for further break-bulking and deliveries, Receiving and recording inbound pallets to be further returned to clients, Receiving and recording inbound rejected goods (good stocks) to be further inbound returned to clients, Receiving and recording collected market return (bad stocks) to be further returned to clients, Prepare packing-list to be acknowledged by driver for each truck loading outbound goods from our warehouse LCL (loose cargo load) or FCL (full cargo load) to be delivered or returned to clients, Collaborating with team members (fork-lift drivers / labors / truck drivers) on the goods loading / unloading process at warehouse.

Reporting included and not limited to: Warehouse FIFO goods for delivery report, Warehouse good-stocks report, Warehouse bad-stocks report, Daily complete packing-lists for all loaded trucks.

You’re welcome to be on-board with the team in handling the warehousing challenges and enjoying the accomplishments of being responsible to ensure raw materials arrived at manufacturers, further to finished products from factory to retail rack, perfectly and timely! Every time when you buy a consumer product from the retail rack, imagine your part well played to enable so.

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